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Embedded Software Engineer
You will:
1、Mainly responsible for the upgrade and maintenance of the company's control system;
2、Communicate product requirements, and formulate software technical plans based on the requirements documents;
3、Compilation and management of project development documents;
You have:
1、Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in communications, electronics or computer, and more than 3 years of experience in embedded software development;
2、Good programming style, high code efficiency, and R&D experience in motion control algorithm design, modeling and control are preferred;
3、Proficiency in at least three of MCS-51, MSP430, STM32, NXP, Arm, Cortex development platforms, relevant development experience, and able to use UART, TCP and other communication protocols to control external devices;
4、Have good language expression and document writing skills, good English reading and writing skills, and be able to prepare project documents and quality records;
5、Good at communication, willing to learn, rigorous and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, and have a good spirit of innovation and teamwork.
Note: This position recruits fresh graduates at the same time, and excellent fresh graduates are welcome to submit their resumes.

Mechanical Engineers
You will:
1、Responsible for the pre-plan design of mechanical equipment;
2、Responsible for the mechanical structure of the complete machine, the design of mechanical parts, material selection and selection after the finalization of the mechanical equipment project;
3、Cooperate with electrical/hardware engineers to complete product design and assembly debugging;
4、Responsible for collecting and sorting out technical data, compiling technical documents such as BOM list;
5、 Simulation of the mechanical structure of the product, and formulate the operating procedures of the mechanical equipment;
You have:
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in mechatronics, mechanical automation, etc.
2、More than three years of experience in mechanical design and development and design of non-standard automation equipment;
3、Solid theoretical knowledge of mechanical automation, practical application experience in mechanical structure and transmission, mechanical materials, and processing technology, and be able to independently complete the development, design and commissioning of a complete set of fully automatic equipment;
4、Familiar with design software such as CAD, SOLIDWORKS and office software such as OFFICE;
5、Good at communication, willing to learn, rigorous and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, and have a good spirit of innovation and teamwork;
Note: Excellent fresh graduates have a foundation in mechanical engineering and can be proficient in using 3D software.

sales representative
You will:
1、 Complete the specified sales target according to the company's plan;
2、Establish and improve customer sales files;
3、Complete the sales plan and sales schedule as required;
4、Responsible for the development and mining of potential customers, maintenance and development of existing customers;
You have:
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, mechanical, mechatronics, electrical automation is preferred;
2、Good at communication, flexible response, quick thinking;
3、Practical and honest, responsible, strong learning ability, challenging spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure;
4、Proficiency in operating office software;
5、Willing to accept business trips;
Welcome outstanding fresh graduates to submit their resumes

You will:
1、Complete product-related inspection work (potential product quality problems);
2、Do a good job of data statistics, record truthfulness and effective integrity;
3、Carry out factory inspection on the finished products according to the technical documents to ensure the qualified rate of the products;
4、Perform routine inspections on the quality of the company's production according to the company's regulations;
5、Properly handle quality problems in the production process in a timely manner;
6、Responsible for the identification of product quality status and strictly control defective products;
7、Responsible for the environmental management of the work site and the maintenance and storage of inspection tools;
You have:
1、College degree or above, more than 2 years of QC work experience in the machinery industry is preferred;
2、Proficiency in using relevant test equipment;
3、Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, principled and disciplined;
4、Good communication and coordination skills and good teamwork spirit.

Engineering installer
You will:
1、22-35 years old, junior high school degree or above, physical and mental health, no bad habits;
2、More than two years of experience in mechanical installation, able to understand assembly drawings, and be able to weld;
3、Strong sense of responsibility, correct work attitude and obey the arrangement;
4、Able to accept business trip installation;

1、Free annual physical examination; purchase six insurances, one housing fund, and commercial insurance;
2、Enjoy paid annual leave; enjoy national statutory holidays;
3、Each year, 14 days paid family visit leave, high-speed rail second-class ticket return reimbursement;
4、Bonuses will be issued twice a year, with a salary increase of 5%-20% at least once a year;
5、The four festivals of New Year's Day, May 1st, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day will be paid before the festival;
6、The company is equipped with a gym to enrich the spare-time life of employees;
7、Have a harmonious and harmonious work team and irregular group activities;
8、Annual travel, outreach activities, 4 quarterly company benefits, marriage and childbirth gifts, etc.;
9、It has a clean and tidy accommodation environment, elevator room, water heater, air conditioner, wardrobe, etc. are fully equipped, and staff meals are provided free of charge.
Contact person: Human Resources Department-Miss Lao
Contact number: 020-81416249 or 13725495825
Company Address: No. 17 Wenchang Road, Haibei, Dongnao Town, Liwan District, Guangzhou (The company has its own dining hall and provides accommodation)
   Traffic route reference:
①Take Metro Line 1 to Exit D of "Kengkou Station", transfer to bus 838, 207, 993 and get off at "Longxi West Road" station, turn right and go straight for about 300 meters, then turn left and go straight and you will see.
②Take Metro Line 1 to "Xilang Station" and transfer to Metro Guangfo Line to "Longxi Station" Exit C (walk about 15 minutes) or take Metro Line 8 to "Shayuan Station" and transfer to Metro Guangfo Line Go to Exit C of "Longxi Station" (about 15 minutes on foot)
Addess:No. 17, Haibei Wenchang Road, Hailong Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Tel:(+86)020-8141 6249 Email:yuezhongdigitaltech@gmail.com

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