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The services we provide are
Technical security
·Safety guarantee of mechanical physics technology
The strength and accuracy of basic industrial machinery, taking safety as the first element of design considerations, through the simulation analysis of structural mechanics, to maximize the high stability of machinery operation. The application of the physical fall prevention system can ensure the personal safety of personnel even if the equipment in the air is abnormal.
·Safety guarantee of CNC machinery technology
Real-time monitoring of the operating status of the system. In special emergency situations, the red emergency stop switch of the console can cut off the main power supply of all mechanical systems to avoid further aggravation of the abnormal situation.

System security
·Meticulous inspection system
Provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service and safety maintenance services. On-site safety inspections by a high-frequency professional team have discovered and eliminated hidden dangers in advance. Yuezhong’s safety inspection is divided into three times: 1. After the new project is completed, the installation team will conduct self-inspection to troubleshoot problems. 2. After the first inspection is completed, the inspection department will conduct a second inspection. 3. According to the agreement between Yuezhong and the customer, conduct quarterly inspections.
·Reliable installation process guarantee
We have a number of installation teams, all led by senior captains with more than five years of experience. They will regularly conduct mature and strict installation training for their team members. In addition, Yuezhong also has a set of rigorous and complicated installation procedures. Every installation worker must install according to the standard procedure to ensure construction safety. After the installation, the inspection team will conduct a safety inspection, and find any non-compliance with the regulations and punish them according to the regulations, and implement the safety to the post and the responsibility to the person.

Yuezhong's pre-sale service and guarantee
When consulting customers, Yuezhong will provide mature design solutions for customers to choose, or they will be modified and optimized by Yuezhong's professional mechanical design team based on the customer's creativity.
After the customer has successfully established the project, the product production and professional safety performance test are generally completed within 30 working days according to the project scale and production schedule. After the test is completed, the product will be shipped to the customer's location according to customer needs.
According to the scale of the project, Yuezhong's own professional installation team generally completes the installation and commissioning of the project within 15 working days to ensure the stability and safety of the product site.

Yuezhong's after-sales service and guarantee
·Cultivate professional talents for customers
The Yuezhong installation team trains operators for customers free of charge, so that they can be proficient in the operation and use of the console. Yuezhong will provide Party A with two trainings: 1. After the project is delivered, conduct the first operation and maintenance training. 2. Conduct a second training during the inspection, and conduct a second deepening training on control knowledge and daily maintenance knowledge. Yuezhong provides daily routine inspection specifications in tabular format to the customer's engineering department, and provides training rooms for mechanical operation and daily maintenance training for operators, so that they can self-check and provide timely feedback. This will minimize the chance of accidents such as mechanical failure.
·Provide after-sales warranty service within one year
If there is a problem with product quality or installation quality that causes damage to the machine, Yuezhong provides a free replacement service. The fragile mechanical components in the stage machinery need to be replaced regularly (Party A takes the initiative to replace it before wear and tear)
·After-sale inspection
One year after the sale, according to the agreement between Yuezhong and the customer, quarterly inspections will be carried out to investigate potential safety hazards.

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